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Families that Change the World

Because every life is a life God calls

From our Family to Yours

Inspiration for the journey

Moments That Matter

And enjoying every day...

Making Life Count

Living it for Eternity...

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Raising a Family to Make a Difference
Inspired Moments
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Inspired Moments

Today's Treasure

We finally got rid of the baby bed. It was a long time coming.
It’s easy to deny the truth. "He’s still a baby," you tell yourself. "He might fall out of a regular bed!" But when the child scrambles up the high sides and does a "Hey Dad! Watch this!" summersault on the way down to the mattress...   MORE

Bringing Up Boys

I usually approach the holidays with anticipation of a slightly slower pace, some time with the family, and holiday traditions. Not this year. As any man knows who’s wife ever expected Christmas visitors... nothing dampers a guy’s Christmas cheer like a lengthy "honey-do" list.  MORE

The Invitation

The Harvard admissions board was dumbfounded. But recognizing the delicate nature of the situation, they quickly agreed to the proposal. In exchange for a record-breaking endowment to the University, Harvard’s largest and most important patron requested that a social experiment be performed.  MORE

The Picture

Every day it shines over my shoulder. As if it processes a light of it's own, this little photograph seems to beam at me from the bookshelf. MORE


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